The e-SHE team, Ministry of Education (MoE), Arizona State University (ASU), and SYS, in collaboration with Addis Ababa University (AAU), a pivotal two-day face-to-face training program was recently conducted. The event, held at Addis Ababa University’s 6 Killo Campus, aimed to empower two system administrators and one registrar expert from each of the 50 public universities. The focal objective of this initiative was to equip trainees with essential skills for efficiently manage the newly Customized Learning Management System (LMS) and the e-Learning Information System (e-LIS) within their respective institutions. By leveraging a blend of expertise from both Information and Communication Technology (ICT) specialists and registrar professionals, the training expected to establish a solid groundwork for the seamless administration of these digital platforms.

The e-Learning for Strengthening Higher Education (e-SHE) is a multistakeholder initiative owned by the MoE, intended to boost the relevance, quality, access, and resilience of higher education in Ethiopia.


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