The e-Learning for Strengthening Higher Education (e-SHE) is currently hosting a one-day workshop at Addis Ababa University (AAU), igniting collaboration among ICT Directors and e-Learning Coordinators from cluster member universities surrounding AAU in central Ethiopia. Following the unveiling of the multimedia studios at five resource center universities, this workshop will serve as a pivotal moment for strategizing the seamless integration of e-learning initiatives. Discussions are focusing on various aspects, including cascading universities’ annual plans, objectives, content, and institutionalization mechanisms of the initiatives, progress in human capacity development, the concept of cluster universities and their collaboration mechanisms, and drafting resource sharing guidelines.

The e-Learning for Strengthening Higher Education (e-SHE) is a multistakeholder initiative owned by the MoE, intended to boost the relevance, quality, access, and resilience of higher education in Ethiopia.


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