Dear student, the FDRE Ministry of Education in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, Arizona State University, and Shayashone PLC is leading an initiative to introduce eLearning in all public universities countrywide. As part of this initiative, your university has started offering courses electronically. We value students’ views and will continue to hear their voices throughout this journey. You as a valued student can contribute to this process by providing your feedback. If you are willing, please take a few minutes to respond to the below questions. Thank you in advance for your willingness.

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    1. Are you enrolled in the e-SHE student training?

    2. If your answer to question number 1 is “No”, what is your reason? (you can tick more than one boxes)

    I did not have information.I do not have a smartphone/PCThe system was difficult to accessI do not know how to be enrolled in the course.I cannot afford the cost of the internet.I am not interested in taking the course.Other reason

    3. If your answer to question number 1 is “Yes”, please answer these questions.

    - How many of the six courses in the suit did you complete?

    - Are you confident to take other online courses?

    4. If you did not complete all six courses, what were your reasons? (you can tick more than one boxes
    Difficulty accessing the courses.The cost of the internet is high.I lack the skills to continue and completeThe courses are not relevant to me.Course materials are not attractive.I have no time.Other reasons

    5. How do you rate the quality, usefulness, and relevance of the training?

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