Dear student, the FDRE Ministry of Education in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, Arizona State University, and Shayashone PLC is leading an initiative to introduce eLearning in all public universities countrywide. As part of this initiative, your university will start offering courses electronically. We value students’ views and will continue to hear their voices throughout this journey. You as a valued student can contribute to this process by providing your feedback. If you are willing, please take a few minutes to respond to the below questions. Thank you in advance for your willingness.

    General Information

    Name of your University


    Year of study

    Field of Study

    Please provide your answers to the following questions

    1. Have you ever taken a course online?

    2. What are the three most critical challenges for you to take a course online? (tick up to three boxes)

    Lack of access to device (e.g., personal computer, smartphone)Internet connection problemLack of online learning experienceLack of basic computer skillsFinancial problem to cover necessary costsOther challenges

    3. In your opinion, what would be the three most important benefits of online learning? (tick up to three boxes)

    Access to learning materialsQuality of educationfamiliarization with the digital worldFlexibility in time managementSelf-learning opportunityOther benefits

    4. How do you rate (1) your readiness for employment and entrepreneurship and (2) your abilities to access work opportunities?

    Write your response by rating your expectation out of 5. [1 represents very low expectations and 5 represents very high expectations]. Please tick the number.

    - Your readiness (capacity, skills, attitude) for employment and entrepreneurship

    - Your ability to access work opportunities that align with your aspirations, abilities, and expectations?

    Please Provide Other Feedback if you have any: